Alan Friedland wear the only hat in
existence that is worse than Zych's
Sherm Decker wins, Alan Friedland 2nd, Oscar races hard,
Steve Elfenbein gets a 4th,
Donna Mae dnf's, Yenko gets 2d after spinning, Harry Reynolds gets the "torking dog" to 3d in GM, Sammy Feinstein gets 3rd in Super 7.
Nicholas does not race, but serves cold beer to all, Ruston drinks all the beer, Zych moans, Roy Bishara tries to be Lebanese cool and fails, Jack Deren keeps all the cars running, Judy Beattie wears pants way too tight, Joan Decker should be Mrs. America and Papa Spankey just smiles and enjoys all his kids.  But Where Was Marcus?

From L -Judy Beattie, Jack Deren, Sherm Decker, son Greg, Joan Decker, Gordy Ruston, Roy Bishara, Dave "bad hat" Zych, Alan Friedland, Nicholas, Phyllis Friedland and 2 guys drinking
our beer !!
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photos Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, Jack Deren, Dave Nicholas
barboys home
Proof of Zych's bad hat and Bishara (L) cannot
be cool like Decker, drinking after victory
Sherm shatters the field in the
rat cooper
Nothing to say but "YENKO" always about
to spin or crash and always
Bill "Murph" Mayberry in his VW.
A great guy and a hell of a wrench
Ferril "Shorty" Miller was untouchable
in FP - Picard in Volvo was 2d
Joe Cam leads Fred Darling's Sprite early
but faded to 6th while Darling won
In between spins, Dominianni & Yenko
had a battle royal
The usually very fast Alan Costner had trouble
in his Alpine and was dnf