Alderman's long walk home in June
    Vineland, NJ  SCCA National Races
Decker wins his second Vineland in weeks, Oscar 7th & 2d in CM,  Alan Friedland,
Dick Grime & Mickey Coehn all DNF in main event, Nicholas takes MGA to 7th - beats Donna Mae and Buzzy Marcus.  Feinstein dnf in Lotus S7, Alderman& Haynes
dnf in Formula race, Steve Elfenbein 4th in BP, Yenko 2d

photos Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, Jack Deren, Dave Nicholas

Bill Wonder visits with Sherm Decker on the grid
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Fred Darling won GP in May but was
a dnf in June
Joe Cam's Morgan won GP in June but
was only 6th in May
Hal Keck won both big production
races in the blue beauty
Sonny Gibbons Spitfire pits and
ends up a dnf in June
  Formula cars A,B,C        All modified
 C & D production         C, D, E, F, G
            SCCA sedans             Formula Vee
         A & B production            F Production
             H Production              G Production
             E Procution                 H Modified
Competition press story on June race

Bob Sharp starts his career in a Datsun
Fairlady - 5th in May, 2nd in June
Oscar in the Ferrari-Chev and
Gibson's Lotus battled all race
Donna Mae fighting it out in her pink
Group 44 TR-3
Bob Hutchins Ferrari was beautiful
but a dnf
A very young looking Alan Freidland
sits on the grid in his Elva Mk VII
George Oulton's all conquering
Mini - 2d O.A., 1st in class
Dominianni Passes and only he
could do.. off the road
Flyod Aaskov in a formula Saab