Vineland 1965
Two big races in May and June

The new kids were coming into their own.  Decker is in the Can-Am Cooper and destroys the field.  Nicholas, Buzz Marcus, Alan Friedland, Harry Reynolds, Judy Beattie, Steve Elfenbein, Dick Grime, Oscar, Mickey Cohen, Sam Feinstein, Don Yenko, Donna Mae all were racing. 

The June race  photos Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, Jack Deren, Dave Nicholas
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Nicholas fights FP in a 3 year old MGA on
three wheels
Coming strong onto the Alfa of Jack Keller into a heavy braking zone DN always said "If the good Lord gives 25' of road, use 27' and passes Keller for 7th Donna Mae's TR3 sits next to Oscar'sFerrari Chev. DMM was 10th in FP
Steve Elfenbein sits in his older Corvette ready to go to battle Great A&BP action Yenko in#21 leads
Bob Fryers AP vette
Decker started fast and here on the 1st lap already has a big lead Harry Reynolds looks at something in
the rear of Friedland;s Elva
The late Gus Andrey beat Mark Donohue
to win the Formula race
Frank gives a smile.  A real racer for many, many years. Brian Furstenau wins FP in his
Group 44 TR-3
Skip Scott's 427 was there to
race Keck but he dnf'd