Vineland, New Jersey

The BARCboys played at Vineland
for several years in the early 60's
and members took home a lot of trophies

The Vineland course laid over aerial photo

The Vineland Speedway contributed a major ingredient in the development of auto racing in the State of New Jersey. .

Starting out as a dirt track oval for stock cars, the facility ended up becoming a motor sports complex before holding its last sports car event in 1965.  In addition to the half mile oval, Vineland Speedway housed a quarter-mile drag strip, and a 1 ½ mile road course for sports cars and motorcycles.
complete history. . . .

A special thanks is given to Mr. Russ Dodge, who supplied historic material of the Vineland Speedway that was used to create the history of the speedway.

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This is how it all began.  On Sept 19, the brothers Diaz, Jim and Ben, sat in their garage with Herb Schock, a local stock car driver and manager.  They discussed how great it would be to have a road track in this area - - to be able to go to the races and come home, take a shower and sleep in your own bed.  "Well", said Herb Schock, "I don't suppose you could use the Vineland Speedway, could you". . .  continued
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Fast Fred Windridge in the Kelso
Lister Chev at the inaugural 1958 race
1964 Sherm Decker scratches head as Bob Bucher asks a question. Dave Nicholas & Valashinas directly in from Ft. Dix.  Dave Zych in straw hat, Roy Bishara cleaning the Lotus 23 Ben Diaz, one of the owners of
Vineland in his Maserati A6GCS