Vineland Speedway
Lots of racing at Vineland with regionals and divisionals at least once a month.  The BARC team
visited the track many times.

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Photo credits:  Lou Schultz Jr, Rolf Bud Hofer, Dave Nicholas

Nov 64 entry list
1960 with Lou Schultz TF-1500
on the grid. Brother Ray on fence,
Dad Lou Sr. in front of the car
Schultz Racing- Nash wagon, MG-TF
and lunch in the paddock
Start of the FP race with the Schultz
TF in the back waiting to pounce
1961 an HM Jabro with
we think Ed Rosendale at the wheel

1963 - Skip Scott in his Elva VII sits
next to a Peter Goetz' sister car
King Cobra Cooper Monaco, Bob
Holbert wins easily - Nov 63
The King Snake was at Vineland
to shake out the bugs
1962 Bob Poupard's MkII roars
past the grandstands
Chicane action in 1963 with Scott's Elva, with
no rear bodywork, leading Keck's Lister
  BARC member Harry Reynolds in
the infamous Torking Dog wins GM
Tom O'Brien's Ferrari TR sits behind
Steve Elfenbein waiting to race