Vineland Speedway

Here are shots from our contributors
that we cannot identify year or drivers.  Let
the collective knowledge come forth.

Vineland Home   60-64 Pg1   58 Vineland  59 Vineland
65Vineland    BARCboys Home

Photo credits:  Rolf Bud Hofer, Dave Nicholas. Terry O'Neil, Jack Deren

1963 Program
1964 Bucher's new Lotus with BARC crew looking efficient Bucher wins in his first outing in
the little car - his first after the Porsches
FP race - probably 1960-61 with
Porsches and MGA's
An Elva - is it Jay Signore? l
who leads Morgan and TR-d

Side by side action with a Healey
being challenged by a twin cam
MGA and Alfa ignore the traffic
light and hop across the oval 
MGA roadster leads a coupe as
both lean and squirm to the infield 
A great shot of the dirt paddock.
I am thinking it must be 1960
 1961 Ollie Schmidts all conquering
HM OSCA with the LoFa alongside
Chilly folks gather around
Penske's Birdcage in '61
Fred Gamble's long tail LeMans
Birdcage exposes its motor- 1961