April 1959 Results 1959 VINELAND
New Jersey gets a full calendar of races but no SCCA National

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Photo credits:  Spankey Smith, Lou Schultz Jr.

Spring regional story
Fred Windridge in the Kelso
300S Maserati
Holbert in a hot new RSK
fresh from Sebring
Bunch of Porsches and an MGA
jump onto the infield over the
oval banking
Frank Wagenhofer in his
Porsche Carrera

Ben Diaz, the owner of the road
course in a 2 liter Maserati A6GCS
A nice close shot of Diaz really
enjoying his Maserati
Whose Cooper? George Alderman
 in the Yellow Helmet
What is Bob Holbert doing in
this OSCA? co driving a 4 hour !