SpankeyThinkerSpankey at work.  We never knew if he would have a
beard, a moustache, a goatee or be clean shaven
Edwin E. W. Smith was Spankey's real name; or so we think.  We met Spankey in1958 just after BARC was formed.  I'm not sure what he saw in 4 young fools who thought they knew everything about sports cars, but we are all very thankful he saw something.

A tough guy, Spankey did not suffer fools (
and being one, I should know).  He demanded a lot from us and we did our best to never let him down.

Spankey was a man who was totally respected.  He was a car owner, a team manager, a photographer, a graphic designer and a lover of life.  He taught us how to order in a restaurant, drove us up and down the east coast, got us press passes long before we were old enough to get "inside" and introduced us to the famous and the infamous.  Everybody knew Spank, everybody (well almost) liked Spankey. 

He was a one man timing crew, among the first to make sure his cars were spotless and became famous because he was absolutely the first to have one of those new fangled "motor homes".  And everyone who was anyone in those days of the 70's had to visit Spankey's house.

It is hardly enough and far overdue that we honor this man's memory.  He deserves much, much more.


Spankey was not a rich man as far as money went.  He was not a high powered exec; he was an engraver at IBM and chose to work the night shift so he could do his race car stuff during the day.

But Spankey was rich in friends.  Clik below to read what Autoweek's Editor Emeritus Leon Mandel had to say in his weekly Autoweek feature.

Dave Zych was an original member of B.A.R.C. and the editor of the BARC Gazette, the DC region SCCA newsletter and editor of the American Podiatry magazine.  DZ was probably closer to Spank than any of us and wrote this obit for the legend in 1986.

BARC home

Spankey in his beloved #029