The story can't be told very well by one person.  Too many people talked to too many other folks, told stories, remembered incidents from years past and laughed and ate and drank and then laughed some more.  So probably the best way to chronicle what people who were there thought is to quote them.  Here's what some of the happy campers wrote about it.

It was great to see you once again and Sandra & I both enjoyed the wing-ding. Joe (and others) certainly did a great Job getting it all together. We had
a wonderful time.  It was interesting to hear that a new group of loonies are prepared to move forward to perpetuate what  ever it is that BARC does.
First, THANKS SO MUCH!  The Reunion far exceeded our expectations.  It had enough organization to ensure success, but in the tradition of BARC,
enough disorganization to remain true to character.  You and Joe—and everyone—did a fantastic job.  I’ll get around to an official thank you.

It was a mind-blowing experience that will keep BARC on the map for years to come

The New York BARC group , along with the Hawaii contingent and everyone else who brought stuff, did an awesome job to make the weekend happen
and, thanks to it, I can skip my 50th high school reunion. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard--the beer, the tent, the food (notice I put beer first)
the memories, the silent auction, the cars, the pictures, the movies, especially Nicholas's great feature on the club.  Everything was top notch.
Normally, I use the old Groucho line (at least I think it was his) that I wouldn't want to be part of any group that would have me, but this is one
occasion where that is definitely NOT the case! I'm delighted to be part of the "new" BARC family and am looking forward to future events.
 I could not have been more pleased with how many fantastic BARC members I was able to meet and put names to faces !
To say that I had a great time is a gross understatement. It was all a wonderful sensory overload.  Even my girlfriend  was surprised at how much fun
was being had by all. She had brought crossword puzzles along just in case she got bored, but needless to say, she never got to them. I am looking
forward to seeing all the videos / photos of the event. I can't thank you enough for all the hard work that it must have taken to organize this incredible happening. I wish it could have gone on forever. Maybe in the next life it will. 
Everyone should be proud of what a fantastic event it turned out to be.
Thanks again for a weekend of memories that will last forever!   I could not be more proud of being BARC
The weather was spectacular Thursday and Friday, but being Watkins Glen in the fall the weather Gods saw fit to start the winds blowing and dropped the temperature to almost uncomfortable.  Saturdays' late races were cancelled because of FOG.  Yep, you heard it right.  It was so thick it was like the Trans-Am in '73 that was called early because we couldn't see the flag stands.  The Lola/SVRA party went on despite the fog, but everyone left a bit early because it got bloody cold.

Then the rain came down in sheets in the night, but cleared a bit for the Sunday morning races.  Dick Scott's Charlie Kurtz Mk I Lola broke a U joint and somehow Scotty and Bud Hofer got anther one installed.  Tierno had wicked brake problems and then his exhaust fell off.  Most everyone was really more interested in seeing what other folks looked like after 20 or 30 or 40 years and drinking part of the 14 cases of beer.. at least that's what we remember buying.
It all ended well with a group photo shot held before we'd feed anyone lunch on Sunday - then some grand laughs with tales of the original Cannonball from Donna Mae; Oscar spoke for about 3 hours; Fred Stevenson told how our lost, old friend Bruce Cargill is now a permanent part of the paving at Lime Rock and then Bob Duell started an auction of goodies that were donated by members.  The proceeds were enough to purchase both a Jake's Stable and BARC monument marker at the International Motor Sports Research Center.  None of us thought we would even get close.  We had ancient BARC videos from the 60's, a BARC documentary of the early years that brought tears to Tierno and showed a great documentary from John Summerlin titled "The Fans At Turn 10".

So many many thanks to all of you who attended and shame on you who didn't.  You missed a million laughs.
But we'll do it again - the question is when ?    any thoughts?
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