The Reading Municipal Airport hosted the biggest regional races east of the
Mississippi from 1962 to 1969.  A great combination of runways and roads, it was
a thrill charging past stop signs, by fire hydrants and flying that hump
that was the driveway to the fire station.  They don't make 'em like that anymore.

BARC racers came to Reading like no other course.  Why? Hard to say, but
Bucher, Decker, Kovaleski, Marcus, Leitzinger, Nicholas, Feinstein, Shantz, Valashinas,
Poupard, Reynolds, Elfenbein, Beattie, Cohen, Grime, Mae Mims, Yenko, Zych, Stell, March
all battled on this great course.

The Reading Municipal Airport Course
Reading Road Races races are listed 
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Alan Friedland (barc #14) gives Buzz Marcus barc #94)
a ride after another win for the Elva Mk VII
Crew Pass from the RRR 1965 Night comes and the BARC vees and Nicholas MGA
sleep next to Yenko's semi.