The Montgomery SCCA nationals were run on an abandoned SAC base near Newburg, New York.  The track was determined by sets of hay bales from local farms, but its location so close to New York City attracted thousands of spectators and press and the best cars from coast to coast.  BARCboys were there from 57 to the end in 1960

Today the track is a thriving regional airfield known as Orange County airport.  A popular place to store your private plane or to learn how to fly.  BUT back in the day it was a barely used SAC field and roared once a year from 1956 to 1960 with SCCA National races.  Exactly why the racing stops has never been properly told

BARC taken photos from Montgomery
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I have not been able to find any history for Montgomery other
than race reports.  If you have a story, please send it along
1957 Montgomery race and Walt Hansgen's D Type
cuts through the field at the last chicane on
his way to victory
1958 and the new Scarabs come east to do battle
with Cunningham's Listers - they get lost on the way and
don't show up till race morning !!
1960 had one of the closest races we ever saw as
Bob Grossman and Dean McCarthy fought for laps in
their now priceless Berlinetta Ferrari's