1960 Montgomery SCCA Nationals
The Montgomery SCCA nationals were run on an abandoned SAC base near Newburg, New York.  The course was
simple,  but its location so close to New York City attracted thousands of spectators and press and the best cars from
coast to coast.  It is now a thriving regional airport.
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The ride
DP - AC Bristols fight it out.  Kurtz
leads Elliott Pew at the start
Charlie Kurtz was 3rd in #37.  Charlie
always wanted #57-but entered late
More action at the last turn but
now Pew leads and wins DP
Wild Bill Terry of Binghamton
on the track
BARC boys ride with Terry to the grid
imagine doing this in 2008 !!
Ward Allen & Walt Hoover Alpines fight in GP.  Allen was an undertaker from Endicott, NY
One of the Team Roosevelt Abarths.  This one driven by Skip Callanan
to 3rd overall
Paul Richards winning GP Abarth,
another team Roosevelt car
Don Aylesworth's beautiful TR3 gets fueled with his buddy Bill Argetsinger driving.  Both Binghamton men Formula Jr action as John Zeitler's DKW
leads Tim Mayers Lotus.  Both were DNF.
Charlie and Sandra Kurtz (hats) sit
in the paddock with Pierre Mion
Millard Ripley walks to the Lola. His long time wrench has it ready Victory lap for Rip & HM winner Ollie Schmidt - both would be National Champs for 1960 Duncan Black takes his wife on
a quick victory lap in the 250 Daimler after winning FP
A horde of Formula Jr's make it through
the chicane on the first lap.  Hansgen would win, Harry Carter second