1960 Montgomery SCCA Nationals
The Montgomery SCCA nationals had the promise of a big show.  Two Meister Brauser's, Hansgen's Birdcage, Constantine's nasty black Lister-Chev and Holbert and Penske in Porsche's.  It started great but one by one the big names fell leaving the spoils to the Maserati.  Grossmans Berlinetta was second and Vestal's Jim Forno's 550 Porsche 5th overall.  Holbert and Penske both blew cranks, but Roger
remembering how Black jack Brabham won the 1959 World Champs pushed his car over the finish line
to try and get points.  Heuer hit a pylon, Augie only had one wheel driving and Constantine was gone
early.  The two Berlinetta's put on a show that made us not care much - see it on page 2
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Hansger#60 60 #36last turn Constantine retires
Walt Hansgen in the Cunningham Tipo 60 Birdcage an easy winner Hansgen laps the Ferrari-Chev of
Scranton's Bud Faust
Hansgen was, as always, cool as
ice and totally in command.
Constantine leads Pabst on the first lap - but not for long The Greek was let down again by the fast Lister and lasted only 9 laps
Scarab-Lister Penske
Heuers team sat to the side and kept
their preparations to themselves
The Pabst Meister Brauser
gets prepped for the big race
Augie led for 10 laps but lost his limited slip and cruised to finish 6th On the 2nd lap Augie put the Scarab
in front of the Lister-Chev
Penske has passed the Lister and has lapped Jim Flynn's older Ferrari
Penske-Adams ListerSpeed
Penske follows Dave Adams Lotus-Alfa in the chicane.  Adams had a nice
7th overall on the day 
The Greek's red bandana is flying down down the back straight.  This
was one formidable car
Penske, The Captain was already famous and perfecting his
interview style.
Grossman puts his Berlinetta in
tight on Augie Pabst - Pabst is
slowing to 4th - Grossman 2nd
Results for the 1960 and last
of the wonderful Montgomery
SCCA Nationals