In 59 we found the city of Newburg, just a few miles away.  An old town on the Hudson, the main street had a legend about the "Newburg Run".  Nobody had ever started at the top, had a shot & beer in each joint on the way to the river, crossed over and did the same on the way up.  We tried.

It rained Saturday and hard on Saturday night, which made the Newburg Run that much more fun.  But
with no hotel or tents, we slept in our cars.  It was bad the next morning.

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photo credits: John Kelley, Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas
Battle between Windridge in the
Kelso-Chev "knobbly" Lister and Hansgen in the bulbous Costin Lister
The big black car was a handful and needed someone powerful to hustle it around - Windridge was the man and
he made it fly - if only for a while
The Porsche's stopped & handled so well that even on a dragstrip like Montgomery they could beat some of the big motors E. D. Martin's big Ferrari could do no better than 10th.  here leading
John Walsh in a  Lister-Bristol
Gus Andrey's 500TRC follows a
1600cc OSCA that practiced but
did not race Anybody know whose
car this is?
Grossman's California was so smooth
and so fast.  He even ran it with mufflers, but we could still hear that 12 cylinder symphony
Jim Jeffords cam east with the Nickey Purple People Eater and led for a while, but suffered something and
finished 4th
Here Tim Mayer's A-H is getting lapped by Jeffords and Frank
Dominianni's Corvettes
Dominianni wore thick glasses and
we were all sure he couldn't see.  He proved us right by always going off the road and crashing a lot
Jeffords Vette is hurting and smoke
begins to pour out the back.  He
made it to the finish
Grossman usually had a spectacular woman with him.  Note taped front end to avoid stone chips.  He would later sell the cars at his dealership. BARC member Charlie Kurtz in his AC Bristol.  Charlie was 3rd in EP, but 7th
OA in the FP and EP race
Even the 2 liter, 6 cyl Bristol motors couldn't keep up with the 4 cam Carrera's who raced in FP.  But they both sounded great !! Harry Blanchard won a lot in his silver
Carrera.  He would get an RSK later this season, but was killed in 1960
Blanchard races with Nigel Bridwell's
pushrod Porsche.  Nigel was 12th OA and 6th in FP