Montgomery was one of our favorite places.  1959 was turning into a year long battle between the Flying Greek George Constantine in Elisha Walkers DBR-2 and Westfield Walt Hansgen in Cunningham's
Costin Lister-Jag challenged by the Evil Black Lister-Corvette of Fast Fred Windridge that led often but rarely finished.  Bob Grossman drove a beautiful silver California Ferrari to the races, most often won and then drove it home.  Formula Juniors were all the rage, production cars still raced in classes by displacement so the poor MGA's went up against Porsche Carrera's.  But life was good, BARC was in
full force - hey, we were 17 years old.

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photo credits: John Kelley, Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas
Geroge Constantine in the dominant
Aston Martin DBR-2.  The Greek
won a lot of races in 1959
Phil Forno started the #62 Lister
but handed it over to Hansgen when
the Costin broke.  They still finished
second overall
Hansgen sits on the grid in the big
Lister-Jag.  Daughter Beverley and
son Rusty are his fans
Bob Holbert's 718-RSK was a
solid 3rd overall and first in a parade
of Porsche's that followed.
Don Sesslers RSK had many a
good fight with Holbert during the
year, but settled for 4th OA and
second in F Modified
Yes that is the famous polka dot helmet with Denise Valise behind
the wheel.  She was 5th OA in the 550RS that Forno usually drove
Alan Connell's 2.0S Maserati was
6th OA and first in D Mod.  The results
had him in a Ferrari, but I think
this photo shows its a Maser
Joe  Giubardo's beautiful 3.0S
gets a look over on a rainy race day
morning.  Joe was 10th
Gus Andrey's 500TR gave him a
good years racing and he was 2nd
in D Mod to Connell and 9th OA
The famous John Fitch showed to
drive this 2 liter Cooper Monaco.
It was whistling fast but dnf'd
Fabulous grid.  Windridge on pole,
Gordy MacKenzie's C type with E.D. Martin's 4.1 Ferrari on the outside.
Second row has Paul O'shea in the Sadler with Hansgen; 3rd row Forno inside, Ed Crawford and Constantine Into the first turn the cubic inches win with Windridge first, Constantine up to second, O'shea and Hansgen Behind the leaders the Maserati has passed the C type, McLuggage is coming with Johnston & Giubardo Great action onto the back straight with Connell sliding , McCluggage's Porsche, Martin and Andrey's Ferrari's