The Marlboro oval was well banked.  This made it a lot different than Vineland which also incorporated an oval.  At Marlboro you were accelerating hard out of Cappy's corner and went uphill and onto the oval.  You wanted to stay right to take level off the elevation differenceon the banking - but sometimes you couldn't.  Same for going off the oval onto the road circuit.  Stay right and keep the wheels on theground.  With some of the fast cars it simply didn't work.  One was never lonely on Marlboro.  Even if there weren't cars around you everywhere you had little time to sight see, this was a tight course. 
Here are some random shots from the past including some BARC member shots from back in the day.

Craige Pelouze - a Marlboro regular went with his Dad to the inaugural race in 1955. 
Here we show 5 shots of a very new and dusty Marlboro 1955

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photo credits: Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas, Spankey Smith, Craige Pelouze, Don Struke
1955 A pair of Healey's tear it up. Note the flagmen's position, Today  it would make a loss manager die 1955 -Two Jags go sliding off the
road coming out of the boot
1955 -This TR heads off road while
chasing an Austin-Healey
1955 Before MGB's or MGA's
the T series were racing regulars
1955 Who can identify what kind of
MG the maroon car is?

Dave Zych (#2) and Judy Beattie (#13) talk it over in the paddock. Judy Beattie's Lotus S7 escapes a
spinning Mustang Refrigerator
Bowl 1966
Alan Friedland (#14 ) in front of Harry Reynolds (#80) with Steve Elfenbein (#40) in glasses on right A recent Google earth shot of Marlboro today.  The old course is in red The beautiful and fast Donna Mae
Mims (#23) with Group 44's Bob Tullius behind making sure her TR3 is ready
67 TransAm winners Mark
Donohue & Craig Fisher celebrate
with Capt. Roger Penske
The late, great Brian Fuerstenau
sits in his TR-3 probably 1965
67 Trans-Am and Bruce Jennings shows his local knowledge edging
Horst Kwech's Alfa
67 Trans-Am and Aussie Allan
Moffat hands over to Milt Minter,
their mustang was 2nd
The real unfair advantage in1963 Penske rebodies a Cooper F1 car and killed everyone with the Telar Special