Marlboro started as a dirt oval in the early 50's.  Converted to pavement in 1954 it held races until the place shutdown in 1969.  What we remember is the 1.7 mile road course that was extended off the oval that started in 1955.  Cars flying off the oval down into the hairpin and returning back from Cappy's and jumping back into the infield.  The old wood bleachers - it was a great place. The BARCBOYs made many a trip down past the Mason-Dixon line and most of us drove there before it shut down.

TheSCCA idiots declared Marlboro unsafe because the parallel straight's were too close together.   It still exists today but is totally grown over.

The following pages will give you a nice history of this popular race track

Marlboro map and aerial
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BARC founder Dave Zych interviews the
ever popular Judy Beattie
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