The very popular short course was just an hour or so south of Washington, DC
and an easy drive from anywhere in the east.  Always with big entries and hot racing
it was deemed unsafe by the SCCA and put out to pasture.  Parts of it still exist today if you look hard enough

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photo credits: Bud Hofer   Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas, David Sielestad
Lowther's honkin Lister pushes
Bill Stone's Lola wide
Penske keeps an eye on Joe Buzetta
as he puts a lap on the Porsche
E Production race Note wood
grandstands and cars leaving
the ground as they leave the oval
Penske leads BARC's Bob Bucher
and Charlie Kolb's Maserati
The fantastic Bob Holbert
warms his RS-62
Charlie Hayes Berlinetta had a super duel with
Grossman and lost !!
The unfair advantage at its height
Penske and his Telar special
Holbert comes up behind
John Boyd's Lotus
Bucher's RSK squats as he
accelerates hard into Cappy's
Doug Theims Berlinetta was
5th after Hayes spun
Black Jack Crusoe charging hard
to a GP victory
Don Auray smiles for the camera
after a good drive to 2nd
The Rebel Bobby Poupard in the
MkII MGA wheels the oval
BARC member Ed Shantz drove his
Sprite to 7th
Charlie Hayes in the maroon
Berlinetta leans it into the oval.