With Over 100,000 cars made, literally a thousand were raced.  Here are shots of many racers.  Some we can I.D. but have no history.  Some we don't know who's in the car.   If you know anything about one of these cars - the driver, where the car is now, any information or photos, please let us know.
photo credits Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Chris Meyers, Michael Eaton, Dick Powers
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Lime Rock. Who is in #13? What year? Why is the white twin cam jacked up? 13 goes to the grid.  Look at the SAAB and Volvo 544. Must have been a big field, this is way down the track Sherm Decker's red 1959 twin cam
here at Lime Rock where he could
beat even the Porsche Carrera's
The red car showed how fast a twin cam would be.  Decker taking the checker in the red car was common A winner at Lime Rock in 1959
Decker waves on the cool
down lap in the red car
West Coaster Tony Ferrari at
Cotati in 1961 with
his red twin cam
Ferrari leads a pack down the
corkscrew where a flagman waves
the yellow for a spun out Sprite. 
A Ferrari always gets the girls even
if he never did own an Italian car.
Cotati Paddock 1961
Tony's 15 minutes of fame as he spins
in the last corner at the old Laguna.
The backwards MG made the AP wire
Bill Hopkins #126 leads Al Manestar
in a highly modified TD.  Both are
from Canada racing 1960 MGCC at Watkins Glen
Sherm Deckers black twin cam was
blistering fast.  Winner at nationals even when they were moved to EP
The black car at Watkins Glen GP
in 1960 headed out to practice
Bob Beaulieu bought this MGA for $600 and raced it from 74 to 79.  sold
it in 79 to a guy in Florida
Bob in a huge pack coming out
of big bend at Lime Rock.  He
later raced Spitfires
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