More photo's coming in all the time.  If you have some shots of a racing MGA, please contact us
and send them to  Give me as much info as you can; year, driver, place.
And if you don't know anything about it, send it anyway and maybe someone else will recognize it.
photo credits:   Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Lou Shultz Jr, Dave Nicholas, Chris Meyers
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Lou Schultz Sr stands next to his MGA in the paddock in 1962 at the Reading, PA road races

Here's Lou at speed at the
same Reading Road races
These photos were sent in by
Lou Jr who spent a lot of his
youth going to races with Senior.  
EX182-40 at LeMans in 1955.  Ted Lund and Hans Waeffler drove it to 17th.  EX182-38 with Ken Miles and
John Lockett finished 12th
The grid 1959 Glen MGCC race. Art Smith #8, Ray Gaul #44, Walt Diver #53, Sam McAllister #126, John Hunter #10, Bill Terrell #200.  Any Info?

Nicholas and Tierno explain the fine
points of driving Berwick to Bill Terry while Roberto Anzalone watches
Wild Bill did not pay much attention
to the BARCboys and ended up
being towed out of the weeds
The very fast Dave Smith BARC #49
and his MGA at the Glen Vintage
Grand Prix
D Charles Stell BARC #41 in one of
the families gray MGA's at Dunkirk
in 1962
The other Stell MGA was driven
by his late wife Francine.  Here
she leads Poupard
Conrad Kraus from Elmira takes 2d MGA and 11th in FP at 60 Glen GP. Anyone know Conrad or the car? Ken Fraser from Ithaca, NY in his MGA at 1959 Berwick, PA races Ray Henley's MGA at the Glen GP
in 1958.  Ray built most of the roll
bars we used back then
'57 MGA ad with Charlie Kurtz (L) Dave Ash (C) Sherm Decker (R).  At least
we know where 1 of them is
Here's Decker in the black ad car
after finishing 3rd at SCCA Nationals
at Lime Rock in 1958