If you have some shots of a racing MGA, please contact us and send them to davnik6@gmail.com.
Give me as much info as you can; year, driver, place.
And if you don't know anything about it, send it anyway and maybe someone else will recognize it.
photo credits Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dan Suter, Dave Nicholas, Chris Meyers, Jack Deren
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Chris Meyers sends a photo of a twin-cam at Las Vegas in 1968.  Mel Vague is the driver of the car
Vague again at Willow Springs, 1965 in a twin cam.  Is it the same as
the car on the left? Both are #94
Rochester NY's John Sheldon's
MGA at the Glen Classic in 1959.  
Hermann Schlenker's MGA at the
Glen, June 1965.. note Nicholas MkII
is also headed to the grid.
Herman with his girl Lois.  Schlenker
was fast in the ex Karl Bergmann twin cam with pushrod motor

Bob Poupard and crew member
on the grid at Thompson, CT in
the fall of 1960
Bob driving the TC in the chicane at the Glen Classic in 1960 Bob passes an improved production
TC driven by Frank Mount
from Canada at the Glen MG car
club races in 1960
Poupard's twin-cam next to
Decker's TC and the 99 of
Ralph Barnard
Joe Gibbon's MGA passed
tech inspection at the Glen 
The twin cam at the Cumberland, MD
nationals in 1960 leading an Alfa
Poupard's first MGA, a blue
1500 here at Thompson
in 1959
Bob Poupard in his last MGA
a MkII deluxe at Vineland in
New Jersey, 1962
Decker drove the Team P
Mk II deluxe in 1962.  Big rollbar
bent and welded by D Nicholas !
With flowers on the dash, the
bold and daring Rebel challenges
the Mt Utsayantha hillclimb