With Over 100,000 cars made, literally a thousand were raced.  Here are shots of many racers.  Some we can I.D. but have no history.  Some we don't know who's in the car.   If you know anything about one of these cars - the driver, where the car is now, any information or photos, please let us know.
photo credits Spankey Smith, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Chris Meyers, Michael Eaton, Dick Powers
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One of the Picard brothers in a 1600 at Daytona.  What year? where is the car?  where is Picard?
Picard again, but in a MKII deluxe.  We also think at Daytona. Same questions as on the left. Hank vanDuesen's 1959 twin cam.  A Morris Garage car tuned by Decker.  Where is it now? Van Duesen at Cumberland 1960.  Just a shot to show you youngsters the crowds road racing used to get Hank at the Glen in1960 with the 1600 twin cam.
A 1500 at Thompson, CT 1958.   Michael Eaton knows, and tells us about it .....in the next frames This is the #50 1957 Sebring car driven by Don Urian.  He raced it until 1959 when he went into the Army Painted BRG, Don sold it to his
father-in-law Dan Donoghue who sold
it to this guy, Dickson Werner
Dickson did well, here and in the
previous photo winning a regional at
Vineland in 1959.
MGA maniac Chris Meyers
in his orange Twin Cam at the
Laguna vintage race in 2008
Bob Burns at Watkins Glen about
1965 in his MGA Mk II
Dick Powers in ex Bob Burns car at Watkins SVRA vintage race. Still red and still with #2 Bob Burns leaning on his old
steed and new
owner/racer Dick Powers. 
Art Smith at Glen Classic in 1960.He's from Buffalo and drove several MGA's.  What happened to this black one? Artie chases Karl Bergmann's twin
cam that later became the Herman
Schlenker racer.  Dunkirk 1962