1959 Sebring. 

The factory returns after no entries in 1958 with 4 light green twin cam coupes.  Three race and one is the mule for practice.  Gus Ehrman and Ray Saidel (US) drive #28, John Dalton (GB) shares #29 with Jim Parkinson and Ray Pickering, Jack Flaherty and Sherm Decker drive #30.  Ehrman/Saidel finish a distant second to a 356 Porsche Carrera GT driven by Van Hanstein and Carel DeBeaufort.  As long as MGA's raced in a displacement class the 4 cam 140bhp Porsche's would dominate.

Rain blistered the track and the coupe's had a distinct advantage in the miserable weather.  Decker was supposed to be the reserve driver, but proved so quick the factory manager had to put him in the car and he proved his worth by being unbelievably fast in the rain.
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BMC was proud that the cars raced 12 hours and
then drove to the west coast.
Only one of the twin cam coupes is known to exist today.  Michael Eaton of Virginia has what is thought to be #29 1960 Sebring    1961 Sebring    1962 Sebring  Home