The MGA and BARC grew up together.  The BARC boys started going to races in the mid 50's and by far the fanciest and sexiest sports car an average guy could buy was the MGA. It didn't hurt that local driver Bob Bucher and Sport Car guru Spankey Smith had one of the fastest MGA's anywhere. The only guys who could match them were also BARC members Sherm Decker (who was only 60 miles away) and Ted Rounds who lived in the area and owned a gas station where we could hang out.  So that's how it started; our heroes raced MGA's and it wasn't long before we all owned one.
We want this part to be the unofficial site of record for racing MGA's.  We'll publish photo's of any car you can send us, along with any information about the car.  If you don't have the info, we'll ask our readers for it and maybe get lucky.

Clik here to take a look at a bunch of racing MGA's that you might be able to give us some history on.
Racing MGA's

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Probably the most publicized MGA in history
is the 1957 David Ash-Gus Ehrman MGA.
It's still with us

57Sebring MGA

Sherm Decker 1960 Watkins Glen
For the technical aspects of the car and a bit of history about the best selling sports car of its time go to our info page. 
MGA History

One of the earliest MGA winners is the Spankey Smith 1957 #029.  Winner of 2 Collier Cups in the 50's and again 50 years later in the 21st century.  Take a look at  #029 

As the webmaster and MGA racer I have taken executive privilege to create a few pages on my first race car, a 1962 MGA MkII deluxe.  Although we never won with that car, I won a lot of trophies and had some fun.  Clik here to take a look at a pretty fast
MkII deluxe 

1960 Dunkirk, NY
Bob Poupard Twin Cam about to eat a TD
             1959 Berwick start grid
For more great MG shots and info, our brothers
from the mother country are here

BMC figured that the US would be their key market for the MGA and they believed that winning on Sunday sold on Monday.  So even though Sebring was held on Saturday, the factory took cars.  Here's the history of the     
The Sebring A's