(Reprinted from the BARC Gazette, April 1961)

Sound ridiculous?  Maybe so.  But you couldn't tell Gordie Ruston, Jerry Kenyon, Ken Stickles, or myself a better way to go.  Tuesday and Wednesday were dark days for us because Jerry, an employee of Cadre Industries, was shot down on the idea of taking his car by his insurance agent.  We tried every possible way to get a car, even renting my uncle's car, but no dice.  The hour of departure soon come and we were faced with the prospect of hitchhiking to Sebring.  We finally convinced Jerry that it would be better to take his car than it would be to wind up in jail with no money in the middle of Maryland with a charge of hitchhiking against us.

When we left, we each put in $10 for gas.  This left little money for peanut butter and cokes to eat and drink on the road.  Our entire diet all the way to Florida consisted of this delectable dish.

Upon our arrival at
Sebring, we immediately raided the orange groves. Gordie was nominated to do the work as he was closest to the door.  He made one quick raid and quit, because he feared water moccasins.

The following morning, after a breakfast of oranges and candy bars, we snuck into the back of Jerry's trunk and gained admittance to the course, saving ourselves $3.  That night, we met Denise Valise (McCluggage) who got us on her pit crew.  Ours was the most unorganized crew that was ever assembled. Those passes were a savings of $14.  Denise, of course, had to give us those passes or else she would not have BARF racing luck.  The BARF luck was with her all day as she won her GT class and first in GT overall.

Our return trip was the same as the trip down, each spending $20 each on gas and tolls. This left us a hold $10 a week to live on while we were down there.  We never lacked food or a place to sleep;  we just enjoyed ourselves immensely to
Sebring and back on $30.

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Jerry Kenyon's Ford arrives
L-R  Nicholas, Marshal Reutlinger, Roy Bishara w/salute, Kenyon, Tierno
Denise "Valise" McCluggage seems to be praying but the BARF boys know she'll be
OK.  Tierno at the far right, Marshall SAAB Reutlinger behind
Friday morning.  Bob Poupard & Sherm on the fender of Spankey's Magnette
Notice The Boys are using the car as a hotel room