Our Home Track and the place of the rebirth of road racing in the US
is still one of the premier road racing circuits in the world

Most every great driver of the era raced at the Glen during the BARC years and
the following pages will chronicle what the boys saw and shot.

GP     57 GP    58 GP    58 Classic    58 Formula Libre    59GP    60GP    61GP
                         John Kelly's terrific 1959 pit shots       BARC home

From 1951 to 1961 the Grand Prix was
a sports car race held in September.
As time and racing evolved, the sports car
grand prix went away to be replace by the
U. S. Grand Prix and now NASCAR.
Arch Means in his 200S Maserati in 1960   The BARC boys (Nicholas riding on Eells  Kelley's Jeep) disrupt the start of the 59 Collier Cup grid
Ed Crawford gives the checker
back to Tex Hopkins 1958
Stirling Moss wins the 1960 Formula
Libre race in this Rob Walker Lotus