Results Races 1-6

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All Photos by Rolf "Bud" Hofer

Results Races 6-11
Augie Pabst in the bircage passes
George Reeds Testa Rosa
Hot battle with Hansgen in the Tipo 63
fights winner Constantines Ferrari
Joe Buzzetta's RS-60 passes
Bob Columbosians Lister
Fastest car was Penske's Telar
Special - but it broke
Bob Hurt's Beautiful 59/60
Testa Rosa was 11th
Bob Grossman's Berlinetta
won the big production race
Two "specials" fight it out.  Stu
Rutherford leads John Hendersons
The finish straight and fall colors.
Dave Adams Lofa follows Bud
Faus's Ferrari-Chev
Gary Morgan's Daimler won
C Production
Traffic in the FP race with legendary
finishing second to Decker
Bob Holbert sets up for the hairpin
in the Porsche RS-61
Ward Allen's #89 Alfa leads Kent
Partridge in #102