Sept 23, 1961

photo credits;  Gordy Ruston, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John Kelley

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Ryan's Lotus failed close to the
end of the race.  Here he brakes
into the hairpin
Drama at the end. From nowhere, Tom Payne #113 passes Bucher #29 with 1 to go. Pete DeCosta protested and Payne refused teardown. He was DQ's for illegal motor and Bucher became FM Nat'l Champ Bob Grossman's Berlinetta
beat the Corvette's by nearly
30 seconds
Dr. Dick Thompson was 2d overall
and first in BP in his Corvette
number 213
Somebody had taken Bob
Holbert's favorite #14, so he added a
small zero... dumb SCCA
Wonder where these kids are now?  Are they barcboys readers? Beautiful 60 Sebring
factory car of Bob Priebe
Sherm Decker had no car for the Glen.
So he borrowed Cornell student Dave Morris' stock 1500
Already a legend, Decker cemented his
standing by winning FP in an essentially
stock MGA. Here David gives advice and
Joan headsfor the pit wall
Nicholas still had a thing for Linda Oulton - and here is her Dad George in this Fiat-Abarth This kid Mark Donohue in Elva Courier
000 chases Dana Kellner.  He never caught him and ended 5th
A great shot of the lower paddock in 1961. Entry
that year was huge. Phil Jeffrey's Berkeley crew
has lunch in the Caddy's trunk.
   Not unusual.  A corvette spins in the
hairpin.  Great, noisy racing.
Frowning as the throngs cheer, a very
young Nicholas sits in Poupard's twin cam. The
rebel was 7th in EP this year
Harry Heuer is a picture
of concentration in the Scarab
Floyd Stone in his Lotus 7.  Zych loved
7's and shot every one he could find.