Sept 23, 1961

photo credits;  Gordy Ruston, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych

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The GP winner George Constantine
drove a beautiful race in his
TR Ferrari
Late in the day the sun reflects
off the back as the Greek brakes
hard for the last turn
Who cares that George Reed
finished 7th.  This car is simply
as good as it gets
Harry Heuer takes 1958 technology
to a fabulous 3rd OA in the much
updated Scarab
Westfield Walt Hansgen had his
hands full with the rear engined
birdcage.  Not an easy car to drive
Constantine on the grid with mechanic Werner and Bob Holbert alongside in his Porsche Bob Bucher in the RSK with future
Penske wrench Earl McMullen
alongside.. George Reed behind
Harry Heuer looks very focused
with eyes closed visualizing when his mechanic will wash filthy shirt
The rear engined Chevy powered Sadler with Grant Clark at the wheel
did not finish
Penske gets pushed into the right grid position.
Is Alfred Momo looking to help?
The Meister Brauser was years ahead of its time in paintwork.
Is that a bald spot on Harry's head?
Augis Pabst on the grid.  One of
Momo's Italian mechanics is
checking inside the car
Peter Ryan in his Lotus 19.  We
BARCboys didn't like him because
he was our age but could race at 18 because he was Canadian.
Augie bites his lip and hustles the front engine Maser to 4th OA but behind his old Scarab buddy Hap Sharp came a long way
only to DNF in his Cooper Monaco.