The last year when the fall sports car race was the big event of the year.
1961 would bring the Grand Prix of the US

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Winner Augie Pabst seems a bit
bored before the start
Augie Pabst waits to go out of
paddock to the start line
Harry Heuer on the grid
waiting the start
Holbert's RS-61 fuels up for
the main event. He was DNF
Arch Means #200, Bob
Colombosian, Bill WeusthofF #192
They're off.  Pabst outdrags Hansgen's Birdcage and Thompson Sting Ray Penske leads Holbert, Hansgen
and Kolb's Ferrari
Harry Heuer looks very focused
accelerating our of the last turn
We loved the Meister Brauser's
and Heuer was a party animal
Heuer at speed finished 3rd
The beautiful red 200SI comes
into the pits
Dick Thompson's Sting Ray
pulls off as a DNF
The Captain wins EM and was
2nd overall between the Scarabs
This is the way you loaded a
state of the art Porsche in 1960
Paddock after the race. How many famous drivers can you find?  Give me 5 and you can pick any photo from anywhere in BARBOYS for free