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Photo credits - John E. Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith 
THE place to be prior to race day was downtown Watkins Glen and Les Smalley's Garage.  Smalley's was was tech inspection and every car
from the most exotic to the every day had to come through Les' place before heading up the hill to the track.  Here are shots
taken around Smalley's garage of cars and drivers waiting
to go through the line.  Entry at the Grand Prix was huge, often over 300 cars
Sherm Decker looks over Art Smith's
Sebring MGA twin cam that 8 years later would belong to Dave Nicholas
Jim Forno owned Continental Motors.near Binghamton.  Here Rip Ripley stands behind a Fairthorpe Forno drove to 14th in FP Forno had loads of cars.  Here he
drives into Smalley's back in a
550RS Porsche.
I think he sold that weekend
Just being unloaded on Main street about 100 yards from Smalley's, John Zeitler unloads his Zeter-DKW F Jr from
behind his Austin-Healey towcar
Forno was a Sunbeam dealer.  Here he stands behind his 2 Alpines while waiting for inspection behind Plaisted's F2 Cooper
Les Smalley sold used cars
like this AC Bristol
An Alfa goes through tech inspection
Kinda civilized in those days
Ralph Barnard drives into Smalley's
Commander Decker's Carrera is finished
Results: Harold Jacques Memorial-G&H Prod, I mod;  Seneca Cup,-FJr;   Glen Region-Unr & FIII;  Collier Bros-EP Results:  Queen Catherine Cup -G&H Mod;  Schuyler Carrera - DP;  Dix Cup - FP;
BARC members Bob Bucher (L) Bob Poupard middle and Sherm Decker (R) Decker in the black twin cam
at speed during the Collier Bros race
Decker leaves the pits during
practice on Saturday
Nicholas walks back after signaling
Jay Signore.  Tierno in brown shirt.
Who can interpret what the pit board said 
Results from Glen Trophy-  BP, CP
Grand Prix=   BM, DM, DM, EM, FM