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photo credits - John E. Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith 
Charlie Kurtz headed on the false grid
with Al Goss' TR-3 behind
Bill Harwell takes off on his victory
lap after the Schuyler Carrera
  Millard "Rip" Ripley smiles from
the cockpit of his Lola
Rip at speed was second in G Mod
in the Queen Catherine Cup
Denise McLuggage in a sweet
OSCA Formula Jr was a fine 5th
Westfield Walt Hansgen in his
Cooper was a winner in F Jr
Beautiful Lotus 18 with what appears
to be Briggs Cunningham
at the wheel
Conrad Kraus in his FP MGA gets
the checker from Tex Hopkins
The race is over and Bob Wilson is ready to drive his Sebring car home
Jim Forno's Alpine was 4th in GP
in this red Sunbeam Alpine
Forno chases Rod Harmon's Sprite
down the back straight in practice
The second Forno team car of
J. Ward Allen was 6th
Charlie Goddard loses it in traffic
at the hairpin
William Hilton Junior spins his
Healey in the EP race