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photo credits - John E. Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith
Dean McCarthy's Berlinetta had to
run in the GP race in D Modified
McCarthy's Ferrari shows a bit
of body work being done
Arch Means Maserati accelerates
towards start/finish in front of the
huge crowd at the hairpin
Start of the Glen Trophy race.  Grossman's Ferrari is mired in back Glen Trophy was always fun with loads
of Corvettes sliding everywhere
Phil Cades 250F Unrestricted Maser
was a DNF in the Glen Open
Weaver owned Thompson Speedway and raced a GP Maser he called Posion 'Lil George Weaver and Poison Lil
take their lap of honor
Lee Dean's home brewed
Dean Special was third in unrestricted
Mac Tilton was 4th overall and
first Formula III
FIII's were still poplar and ran in the Open.  Here 4 of them head up the
hill in a tight formation
Stutz Plaisted's Formula 2 Cooper
with it's lid open  Plaisted was DQ'd
for passing under the yellow
A great shotof what those little
500cc FIII buzz bombs looked
like up close
Here George Weaver's ancient Maser leads Plaisted's Cooper and Lee Dean's monster Dean Spl