Races Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Back in the day even hotly fought ladies races.
Nine events in total with the Grand Prix at 44 laps or over 100 miles.
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photo credit: Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Spankey Smith
Blanchard Sessler #36Lister-2 ListerLoop
Harry Blanchard in the Penske RSK came from the back to beat Sessler on the last lap The experienced Sessler simply could not hold off the charging Blanchard but had a great 4th OA finish Fast Fred accelerates hard out of the "boot" and onto the back straight The Kelso car was so much fun to
watch and the darn car was competitive
from 1958 to 1962
Charlie Kolb retired early in the
2 liter Maserati
#12 second #12 third #49Aston Aston3 Sadler
Connell had a lot of success with the
big 4.1 Ferrari, but it was not enough
to handle the east coast boys
A beautiful car that sounded great
ran all day and was fast.  Just what
a Ferrari sports car ought to be
The big Greek drove the wheels off
the Aston all season and won the
SCCA title
George Constantine was perfect for
these big cars and went on to drive the
Kelso Chev in 1960 and kept winning
Bill Sadler hand made these "specials"
and won his share of races against
machinery twice as expensive
HansgenLoop #61Lister Lister61 #281Vetter BucherFerrari
Hansgen was super smooth in the Jag making the Aston and Kelso look bad Vestal NY's Phil Forno in #61 on Friday.  Forno was on the entry but did not drive The knobbly's were cut up and heavily
modified after 2 tough seasons of racing
Old Bud Gates tried to call this a Devin
Chev but we knew it was a Corvette SR-2
Bucher drove the Mondial in the GP and was totally outclassed but still won EM
John Bishop (c) & Walt Hansgen (r) two major players in 1959 Rip Ripley congratulates
Charlie Kurtz & Sandra on the win
  Ed Spankey Smith (r) at race HQ. Who is he with? E. F Spicer's 1.5 Maser.  Pretty car
but no match for the Porsche's