By now the Glen was THE race of the year and the field was huge
BARC had many entries throughout the field
Bucher in the Lotus & Ferrari Mondial, Decker in the TwinCam, Charlie Kurtz
with the AC Bristol, young Bob Poupard's 1500, Ted Rounds Sebring MGA, Rip Ripley in a 550RS, Chuck Dietrich's new Elva, Yenko's Corvette
and Bruce Cargill in an XK-120

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The original
2.4 mile course
photo credit: Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Spankey Smith
2d lap 2dPack1stLap Lister-2 Porsche Sessler-Blanchard
Freddy Windridge leads the first lap in
the scary KelsoChev, but not for long
2nd lap has Hansgen leading, the Lister is off the road on the right and Constantine is sliding past Crawford Gordon McKenzie's C Jag leads the last part of the field including Bucher's
Mondial Ferrari
Fierce fight between Harry Blanchard
in the Penske RSK & Don Sessler, here being blocked by Crawfords Lister
It doesn't get better than this with
passing and re-passing all race long. Blanchard 3rd - Sessler 4th
Connell-Constantine Aston-Ferraritight #60Lister Aston #12 second
Two boomers Ferrari & Aston - Constantine chasing Connell George's Elisha Walker Aston was
too much for the Texan's Ferrari with the Aston 2nd & Connell 5th
Westfield Walt Hansgen in the Costin
Lister drove easily to a 25 second
victory over the Aston
George Constantine DBR-2 Aston
won a lot of races in 1959, but could
not beat Hansgen at the Glen
Connell drove the Big Ferrari hard, but is there any other way to tame this hairy monster?
#62Lister 140sideways #36Lister SadlerSpecial CaliforniaFerrari
 Ed Crawford started the #61 Lister but the car failed and he finished the day
in Brigg's #62
Holbert has the fastest Porsche but
had problems and finished 7th
Our favorite by far - Windridge in the sabre toothed Lister.  Who cared if it
finished?  He hung with us after it blew
Bill Sadler's fast Canadian Special
never made it to the finish line
Bob Grossman brought this California and had to run as a modified as not enough had been built

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