Watkins Glen Grand Prix 1958

Watkins Glen
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Phil Cade won the Seneca cup in
this ancient Maserati GP car
Color shot of Cade's car, who
can identify the young man?
Bucher drove his Cad-Allard to 2nd in the Seneca Cup before winning the Collier in Spankey's MGA Seneca Cup FIII shows off its
approved rollover protection
Lime Rock Lodge's Newt Davis
in his 550 had a great race
Jordan King ran into something
and still finished 6th in his AC Bristol
Archie Means won the Dix cup in
his gorgeous AC Bristol
Here Archie speeds past the pits
on his way to victory
Jim Jeffords in the Nickey
Corvette wins the Glen Trophy race
Bob Grossman's XK150S was a bear  to drive for 12th on Glen Trophy And you wondered why it was
called Purple People Eater
George Reed's Tour deFrance
Ferrari was 6th in Glen Trophy race
Stunning shot of a practice grid with the big bore cars and Ripley's Elva
ready to head out
Another shot of Gil Geitner's
pretty 550TR
Nicholas rides to the course in
Arch Means Dix Cup winner
Tierno walks down to inspect the Hugus
250TR and offer to drive it really fast