Results Ladies, Seneca, Collier Bros, Queen Catherine, Dix Cup
Watkins Glen Grand Prix 1958

Big weekend for the new BARCboys.  Sleeping in Mrs. Duanes
cellar, wondering the town all night, watching our hero's Decker and
Bucher in the MG's. If there was a point where BARC crossed
over to being more than a couple teenagers who loved sports cars
 this was it.

Results Schuyler, Glen Trophy & grand Prix
Watkins Glen
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The BIG race was the Grand Prix.  This 44 lap race for modified cars was the one race you wanted to win.  The Cunningham team had a strangle hold on racing in the east until the Scarabs arrived, but
for some reason Reventlow went home leaving the challenge to Bill Sadler and Gaston Andrey.
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Ed Crawford's #61 wins the day
at the Glen
But wait!  Crawford's Lister breaks on
the cool down lap at the hairpin
So what happens?  Al Momo takes Hansgen's #60 and he and Crawford
get their lap of honor
At the end Momo surrenders the
checker to starter Tex Hopkins
Westfield Walt's #60 Cunningham
Lister-Jag was second
Despite this spin in the hairpin
Hugus came back to 6th
Crawford passes the finish line
in practice
The monstrous Hi Tork Special
of Rich Lyeth was a DNF
Bill Sadler's Canadian Chevy powered special challenged the Listers' but broke Sadler out on a cloudy Saturday for practice in his Corvette special Gus Andrey in the big 4.1 Ferrari could not match the Lister's but finished a fine 3rd Maj Gil Geitner's very pretty 2 liter
Ferrari was 1st in EM, 8th OA
E.D. Martins' Testa Rosa was slowed
by mechanical problems and walked
to 10th place
A close look at that fabulous
pontoon fendered Ferrari TR
6 twin choke weber's sit on top
of Hugus's Ferrari V12
J Edward Hugus drove the
Reed's Race Rats Testa Rosa