Watkins Glen Grand Prix 1958

The 10th anniversary of racing at the Glen and the 3rd year
at the new course.  It was also the birth year for BARC
and we were there in force.
Watkins Glen
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The Collier Cup was an all MG race named for Sam Collier a pioneer road racer who was killed at the Glen in '50.  Two future BARC members staged one of the most epic battles in MGA history.  Today a Bucher-Decker trophy is awarded the fastest pushrod MGA at the Watkins Glen Vintage Car Collier Cup Page 2 58GP
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2 laps from the end Bucher passes Valentine (105) and St. Croix(125) for the lead One lap to go and Sherm Decker has
caught Bucher in the last turn
Middle of last corner and Bucher
is totally sideways.. Decker starts a
spin to avoid hitting him
100 feet later both cars are in
a drag race to the finish which
Bucher wins by inches
Big Jake out in practice in the
029 MGA.  He won in 1957 and
was out for a repeat performance
Victorious 029 sits among the spoils after a brilliant race.  The car was prepared by Sherm Decker.. The infamous Ray Henley more famous for the Henley conduit rollbars we all
used in our MGA's
Tex Hopkins calls the Collier
Cup to the start line, Jack Paveling
on the pole
Start of the Queen Catherine with
Porsche's leading
Bob Holbert in a 550RS Porsche won
the Queen Catherine cup & was 4th in the Grand Prix
Rip Ripley's Elva was fast but
DNF'd both Queen Catherine and
the Grand Prix
Frank Baptista's Elva was 6th in the Queen and 8th in the Grand Prix
Doc Wylie's Lotus DNF'd the Queen
but finished 12th in the GP
Peters on the track drove to 8th
OA and 4th in GM
Don Peters #172 GM Elva drives
through the paddock
Chuck Dietrich's Elva MkII was 4th
OA & 2d in GM in Queen Catherine