Chieftain Cup & Queen Catherine results
BARC was at the Glen in force - we didn't know the future, hell we
barely knew each other, but friends and bonds
were made and the first rumblings of the
Club were heard. 

Dix Cup &
Grand Prix results
Photo credits: Mort, Jack Deren, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas
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Glen Trophy & Schuyler Carrera results Horace Ott #130 on the front row.
He finished 4th in Schuyler Carrera
Harry Carter's AC in the paddock.
Carter was 3rd OA and in EP
John Petrone's TR3 races Bert
Niblocks Healey in Dix Cup
Ladies race, Seneca Dup and
Collier Brothers Memorial results
A rare Effyh Formula III car driven
by W. Jennings Bryan
Constantine's DB2-4 and Kuhn's AC Bristol waiting for practice John Fitch in the paddock. Note the huge crowd across the track Briggs Cunningham himself
leaves his Ford rental
Rod Carveth's Aston-Martin DB3
was listed as a dns.  This photo shows why.  He rolled it in practice
Bucher was scheduled to drive John Edgar's 3.0S but the car never ran well Big Jake - Bob Bucher won the
Seneca Cup in his Cad-Allard . . .
Then hopped out of the Allard and into
Spankey Smith's MGA and won again
The winning 029 sits next to
Sherm Decker's 4th place #112
The stewards drove the track in this
priceless BMW 507