The weekend had 9 races.  Everything from the ladies race on Friday
to the 22 lap - 100 mile Grand Prix for Sports Cars
Tens of thousands came to watch and the weather and race
proved to be perfect
Photo credits: Mort, Jack Deren, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas
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Ensley's finned D-type on the
back straight headed for 10th place
 . Charlie Kolb's Elva leads the Kessler XKSS.  Both cars were DNF in the Grand Prix Two Corvettes race each other.  We
think it's Bob Mouat (3rd) on L and Fred Windridge (1st) on R
Harry Carters 300SL passes
R E Mason's XK-140  Carter was 4th the Jag 8th in Glen Trophy race
Your eyes do not deceive. Charlie Weiss' T Bird was fast in the opening laps before brakes faded
Denise McCluggage (r) drove the
Sagan Porsche and won Ladies race
The head of the false grid has Holbert next to Sagan and #0 Charlie Wallace Behind are Len Bastrup's Lotus #41, Suzie Dietrich #131 in the Porsche Chuck Dietrich is inspecting something under his Elva.  He was 1st in GM Bill Lewis' 550 was a dnf in the Queen
Catherine and did not start the GP
The false grid, was where cars lined up before being driven on the track.
Charlie Kolb in #31 Elva
Ray Erickson's Lister Bristol, #270
and #133 Tom Gilmour's Lotus IX
Holbert and wife get congratulations
from starter Tex Hopkins in his
very famous lavender suit.
The grid for the Queen Catherine Cup.
Holbert #140; Paul Sagan #241, Fitch
in the Maserati and Wallace in #0
A closer look as the grid is cleared.  The
Porsche 550RS' finished 1-2-3