The second year of the new course.  The pavement was fixed and the entry was huge.  Cunningham showed with 3 D-Types and the new
550RS Porsche's proved too fast for Maserati and Ferrari.

The Glen was a hit with drivers and fans
Photo credits: Mort, Jack Deren, Dave Zych, John Kelley, Dave Nicholas
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Hansgen had things his own way
to an easy victory at the Glen
What a sight !  4 D types.  3 from
Cunningham and the Ensley sister car
Constantine's 3.0 stayed close to
Hansgen for a while before fading to 6th
Paul O'Shea in the 300SL roadster
that won in DM and was 3rd overall
Jack Ensley's D-Type drives
down the loop.  Old Jack was 10th
Ensley gets ready to go out to practice
Can anyone tell me who the kid
behind the car is?
Constantine's Maserati late in the
race heads down the long
back straight
Briggs himself in the #62 D Type on the loop - still used today
Briggs would be 8th on the day
Rich Lyeth's big 4.5 liter Ferrari
came home 5th.  In 58 he would change to a Chrysler motor
Gus Andrey's 2.0 Mondial Ferrari on the start grid. He finished 11th OA.
1st in EM
Fitch's 2 liter Maser motor
gets some final tweaks before the start
Big 4.4 liter V12 in the Duncan Black"s Ferrari 375 MM.  Black was 7th The Jags showed up with the numbers
outlined but not filled in until race day
Drunkin Black's big 4.5 with his
favorite #44 booming through the woods
Richard Kessler's XKSS was a DNF after 16 laps.  What is that car worth today