The USGP was at Riverside in November so most of the
circus came to the Glen in October.  In its last year the
Libre had the very best - Moss versus Brabham
Throw in the fall colors and everything from a Connaught
to a 550RS Porsche; it was a heck of a weekend

photo credit: Dave Nicholas, John E. Kelley, Spankey Smith, Dave Zych

Watkins Glen
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Johnny Walker heir Rob Walker brought Alf Francis and a heavily modified Lotus 18GP car for Moss.  The same car
that won in Monaco and would win Riverside.  Cooper brought Black Jack but left McLaren home.
1958 Formula Libre
1959 Formula Libre

1960 F Libre Pg2
The dark blue color with white nose
stripe were the paint schemes of
all Rob Walker's cars
Moss heading out for the pre
race warmup on Sunday morning
Moss, head back, arms out
in the classic Moss position
Moss takes the hairpin last
turn - now NASCAR turn 1
Always calm and collected
Moss was the first complete
pro driver that everyone followed
Brabham simply driving the Cooper
as fast as humanly possible as he
hits the bottom of "The Hill"
Brabham brakes for the hairpin.
1960 would bring the Aussie
his 2nd World Championship
 Hunched over, head tilted forward
arms flailing - gotta be black
Jack Brabham
Brabham passes Herb Swan in
Joe Trotters red 550RS.  Swan
finished 12th
John Cooper looks up the hill
to see Moss about 3 seconds
ahead of Brabham
Bonnier negotiates his Cooper
4th place despite a stop
The sophisticated Swede
Joachim Bonnier was so cool and still drove in short sleeve shirts
Never seen anything like it
4 F1 cars with Moss, Brabham
Gendebien and Bonnier
The Belgian Gendebien
had mechanical problems
and was a DNF
Jellybean (as we called him)
was more at home in sports cars
and won LeMans 3 times
  Bonnier heads out for
warmup and adjusts his
goggles.  Note no harness !!
Canadian built F Libre Sadler
with Peter Ryan aboard lost its
motor at 56 laps
Note this Cooper had mag
wheels in front and wire
wheels on the rear