The first F1 USGP was to be held at Sebring in December.
This year the Glen's invitation to the best
 brought a different kind of field than 1958

and cold, snowy weather
photo credit: Dave Nicholas, John E. Kelley, Spankey Smith, Dave Zych

Watkins Glen
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The legendary Stirling Moss made the trip with a barf yellow and red 2.5 Cooper.
The rest of the field consisted of a few midget racers and miscellaneous sports cars - but we had MOSS
1958 Formula Libre
1960 Formula Libre
Moss, head back, arms out
in the classic Moss position
Moss laps Sy Kaback's Lotus 15.  Kayback said every time Moss would come by he gave him room Moss our of the hairpin,
you can see the sky darkening
How Cold was it?
Tex Hopkins in a parka gives
the checkered flag
Moss still gave us all a
chance to cheer by taking
a victory lap
Bob McLain follows Bill Randall.
Randall came 7th, McLain 9th
All 4 midgets head up over the hill
racing in the rain !!  No worries
for guys who slide dirt ovals
 Jiggs Peters brings his
Offy powered midget to 6th
Kayback blew his motor at Lime Rock the day before but rebuilt it
and drove 400 miles to the Glen
Ed Leavens in his outclassed
Elva Formula Jr was 10th
Gus Andre with his usual #25 but
this time on a 300S Maserati.
Andre was 5th
Tom Greatorex's Elva Mk III
was brilliantly driven to 4th
Bruce Boyle and Joe Grimaldi
drove the D Type but as you can
see - had problems
Brave spectators stand in the cold
and drizzle and flurries to watch
Harry Entwistles Lotus to 3rd
  Moss was chatted up by everyone, while mechanic looks on Another handshake and good luck Finally it's time to get to work
and away from the posers.