Means Free Formula and for 3 glorious years Watkins Glen hosted a most unusual gathering of F1, Sports Racing & Midget cars

Held in October after the Sports Car Grand Prix, the Glen was angling to get the USGP and
felt they had to show they could attract the big names to upstate New York.  It worked
and in 1961 the USGP came to the Glen - here is what happened in 1958

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Spankey didn't have the trust in the BARCboys yet and took all the B&W shots.  Spankey was famous for putting half a car in a shot or forgetting to pan with the car or dial in a high shutter speed.  We think that's why he got us to shoot for him in later years.
Color shots are from Butch Hollenbeck - sent to Nicholas many many years ago and found only recently
1959 Formula Libre
1960 Formula Libre
Joe Bonnier takes his victory
lap in the 250F Maserati
On far right you can see Tex throwing the green flag.  Gurney #3 floors it, the photo runs for his life Hill's Ferrari on the muddy
grid.  The sun has finally
come out, but it is still cold
Bonnier accelerates from the
90 degree hairpin
A Spankey Cut-Off of Hill driving
the fast right at bottom of the hill. 
Hill is warming up his 4.1, notice the
jacket in front of the radiator to get the
car hot
Kessler was 3rd in an evil 3.8 Ferrari.  Gurney blew his 3.5 at the finish and Kessler brought him back riding on the headrest   A great Smith guard rail shot
with Phil Hill's Ferrari.  Kessler
said Hill's 4.1 was an awful car
Another typical Spank shot.
Guard rail in perfect focus, Constantine's Aston a blur.
The big Aston was fast but
blew a head gasket on lap 47
Ginther's intro to racing in the 50's was as Hill's mechanic. That was his role at the Glen, but he would drive this car at Riverside & Nassau in 1959 The Hill 4.1 Ferrari is done for
the day with "driveshaft" failure
The Sadler Special, #22 was driven
by Bob Said - Boris' Dad  and named the Nisonger KLG Special
Hill and Ginther arrive in style in a 55 Chevy Bel Air.  Hill just finished 3rd in the Italian GP at Monza Bruce Kessler proudly shows
his USAC badge.  Gurney stands
next to him.  Kessler was 3rd
Loyal Katskee's D Jag headed onto track Hill looks tiny in the big Ferrari   Hill's car in the mud with Ginther
making some adjustment
Kessler's Ferrari at the hairpin