Racers needed more places to compete and the
Glen created a summer event, the Glen Classic in 1957.

This June event became a popular early season race
for northeasterners and the home track for the BARCboys

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MartingetsFuel BucherLotus
E. D. Martin at speed on front
Dave Zych poses next to
Martin's Ferrari
E.D. Martin's 4.1 was second to
Sadler's very fast special
What a magnificent animal
this brute car is
Bob Buchers Lotus Club
was a DNF
SadlerLoop Sadler Kiss HomerDaisy
Bill Sadler in his self designed
Sadler Special from Canada
Sadler in the chute onto the
back straight
Victory Kiss was sweet for
the impressive Sadler
Candy D'Amato's 100-4 Healey Homer Daisey leads B & C production

Old negatives are scratched but
a nice shot of Gelder's Ferrari
What beautiful hammered aluminum Gelder did not have a great
day in 58 but won the Classic in 59
Ed Gelder's Ferrari was 10th Tom Scatchard's Lotus
was 11th OA