Shots of the famous and not so famous
photo credits: John E Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Michael Eaton, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith, Gordy Ruston, Rich Rea
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BARC #9 George
Valashinas.  how far could he
have gone if he stayed with it?
The late Gilles Villeneuve at the US Grand Prix at the Glen in
79.  He won for Ferrari
Count Wolfgang vonTrips uses
his movie camera at Sebring
1961.  He died later this year.
Jerry Walsh a talented driver
and better promoter with a
terrific sponsor for his A-H
The great Phil Walters (r)
aka Ted Tappet stands next to his winning Cunningham
  Fred Windridge was a big bore terror in Corvettes, Listers, Maserati's and anything else MRJ Wyllie at the Glen in 57 drove Lotus, Lola, Elva and was a consistent winner Don Yenko looks a bit
stressed at Sebring 1965
Always fun Yenko was a
perfect BARC member.  Fast,
furious and a bit crazy