Shots of the famous and not so famous
photo credits: John E Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Michael Eaton, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith, Gordy Ruston, Rich Rea
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Joe Tierno stands with his
first favorite car, ex Spankey
Smith/ Bob Bucher #029
Tierno and Alan Friedland
at Sebring sharing Joe's
favorite beverage
Trevor Taylor F1 driver with Lotus boss Colin Chapman at Watkins Glen 1962 Dick Thompson made his mark in Corvettes but drove most anything and did it well FIII driver Mac Tilton 1960. Now
makes the best Clutch and
Tranny pieces
French ace Maurice
Trintignant at USGP 1961
Bob Tullius in 1965.  First in Triumphs and later Jags as the
boss of Group 44