Shots of the famous and not so famous
photo credits: John E Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Michael Eaton, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith, Gordy Ruston, Rich Rea
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BARC member Buzz Marcus at Moroso in 2005 and still winning races The Fuzzman with full hair
in the TR4, BFG challenge
days of racing
BARC #59 Doug March raced
Vee's and is now a Chiropractor
near Atlanta
Dean McCarthy wins the Glen Classic in 1961 with Ferrari Berlinetta Gordon Mackenzie in kilts and C Jag were familiar sites in the 50's-60's
Denise McCluggage at
Sebring in 1960 had BARC
as her pit crew
McCluggage won GT at Sebring in '61 in this midnight blue Ferrari Berlinetta   Bruce McLaren drove
a GT-40 at Sebring 1965
Arch Means won a lot of
races in his AC Bristol.
The very stylish and very fast Think Pink lady
Donna Mae Mims
Donna Mae and her pet
are ready for the weather
Roberto Mieres, the great
Argentinean GP and sports
car driver
Ken Miles shows the nose that gained him the nickname The Hawk  
    Two of Britain's best
Stirling Moss and Graham
Hill co-drove in 1961
Is Moss trying to teach
something to young
Ricardo Rodriguez?
Sir Stirling ponders the
questions of Denise