Shots of the famous and not so famous
photo credits: John E Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Michael Eaton, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith, Gordy Ruston, Rich Rea
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George Alderman drove sports,
formula cars, sedans, GT's.
Out of Delaware and a great
talent and friend.
J Ward Allen, Sebring 1960, a great guy and driver of Morgans
and Alpines
Kiwi Chris Amon at the
1977 St. Jovite Can Am.
Some say the best driver to
never win a Grand Prix
Gaston Andrey won in the east for years.  Morgan, Ferrari, Maserati even Formula cars Mario Andretti at the Glen GP
in 1979.  DNF in the
Team Lotus
Don Auray at Lime Rock
in 1960.  Primarily drove
Formula III's
Judy Beattie was far more than a pretty face.  The gal could drive and party with the best French ace Jean Behra has a laugh with Huksche von
Hanstein 1959
Black Jack Brabham
became a 2 time World
Bonnier gets a portrait of
himself at Sebring in 1961
Joachim Bonnier of
Sweden was one of the
last of the gentleman racers
Canada's Bill Brack drove 3 F1 races and dominated
Canadian Atlantics
Bobby Brown in his Atlantic days
drove Can-Am and is still very
competitive today
  Bob Bucher was BARC's very
first big time driver and his
friendship was appreciated
Bucher was FM national champ in 1961 in this RSK
Big Jake drove heavy metal as well including this Lola T-70