A small town in western Maryland.  More known as a railroad stop than anything else.
But the Cumberland Lions had an idea.  Use the municipal airport for one of those Sporty Car races.  It all started in 1953 with 80 entries and ended in 1970.  Those 17 years saw the best the SCCA had to offer and a new group of enthusiasts has not let the flame die.

The Cumberland Airport
layout was truly odd.  The start
on one side and the finish on
the other just in front of a tight turn.  But thousands lined the
hills above the finish and it
was all very neat.

BARC PAGES from Cumberland
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The start of the 1962 big modified race.  You can see
how the spectators are far to the other side of the
track near the Finish line
Starter Jesse Coleman waves the checker for 1960
winner Walt Hansgen..  The birdcage is braking
hard for the corner just beyond the finish line
Here's a shot of what spectators on the hill saw when
looking at the finish line.  Note how close the white line
is to the hard right and left just after it.